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Autumn delight

Fall is a beautiful and delightful season.

The sky is blue.

The sun is shining.

The wind is refreshing.

There is not a cloud in the sky.

And the colors?

Autumn colors are wonderful.

Especially for those who are in the northern hemisphere.

The shades of green give way to browns, golds, yellows, and reds.

All very inspiring!

It always makes us want to sew a new quilt!

This was the year of "Autumn Delight".

A quilt with all the typical colors of the season, but with some brightness from the light background.

As the name implies, it was a delight to create this quilt.

One of the reasons is that it was made with one of our favorite blocks - Ohio Star.

But it was also an act of courage!


Because we used a beautiful, colorful fabric that was kept safe in our collection of cotton treasures for many years!

"Forest Fun" by Amy Schiller (for Robert Kaufman)

It is now in line to be quilted.

We actually did a poll on Instagram: Most people voted for hand quilting!

It will take a while... but it will be worth it!

Just wait and see!

Love, Sisters

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