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New beginnings...

And suddenly you realize it’s time to try something new and trust the magic of new beginnings...

("New Beginnings", Van 2012)

We absolutely love crafts, especially Sewing and Embroidery. Art runs in the family (grandmothers, mother, father ...) and we have done special little things since we were kids.

We used to have a blog, which we kept with a lot of love and care until 2014. But life ran over us and we had to abandon it.

We have always known that there is no better therapy than getting lost among stacks of books and magazines, hundreds of fabrics and threads, just to choose the next project! And when we finish them.... OMG! What a joy!

So we decided to go back and create a new space to share our passion with people who feel the same way (or simply admire crafts).

We would love to have you here with us!

Love, Van & Chris

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