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why do we do what we do

We just love crafts!

We love to embroider, to sew, to paint...

A day never feels complete until we manage to do at least one of these things.

And where does all this come from?

It must be in our blood!

We grew up surrounded by four very crafty people!

Grandma Hilda used to paint porcelain when she was younger and today, at 95, she still spends most of the days crocheting!

Grandma Júlia, who today unfortunately brightens the days in heaven, in addition to being the best cook in the universe, she was always making stuff, specially embroidering…

Our father, who we miss so much, was a very good painter!

Our mom, who will be featured at future posts, always liked to take art classes and when we were much younger (let's not talk about age...), she used to take us with her.

And believe it, our first artworks still decorate the family's walls!

They were supposed to be part of the family's secret treasures, but we decided to show them here...

Well... we've improved a lot since then (at least we hope so!...).

And we were very lucky to grow up in an artistic family.

Only those who make art know how much it fills our lives!

Love, Sisters

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