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X-mas Sew Along 2021

Today starts our X-mas Sew Along 2021!

It's our first time doing this on Instagram and we can't wait to share this journey with several #quiltersofinstagram and see different versions of our quilt.

For this special occasion we have created a quilt called "Christmas is coming”.

"Christmas is coming" throw quilt

The blocks have been carefully designed so that both beginners and experienced quilters can practice their sewing skills and have fun! We also took care to create a pattern that would not take too long to complete. After all, we want to decorate our homes for the holidays on December 6!

Our SAL will run for 4 weeks. At the beginning of each week we will be mailing the next steps, with all the instructions on how to sew the blocks, assemble and finish the “Christmas is Coming" quilt.

We are going to make a throw size quilt, but we will also give instructions for sewing a pillow, a table runner, a pot holder, and… for the more adventurous… we will provide the measurements to sew a queen size quilt. Also, we will be posting videos on our YouTube channel showing our progress and some sewing tips!

We have selected our fabrics from our Christmas treasure box.

Most are from old collections by @nancy.halvorsen (we love her work!).

We also have some fabrics we love from the Merry & Bright collection (Sandy Gervais for #modafabrics) that we will use as background.

The "Christmas is coming" quilt looks beautiful with a very scrappy look. So we chose five light reds and greens, five medium reds and greens, five dark reds and greens, some background options (we are still in doubt!) and one super cute brown.

We are very curious to see all your different fabric selections!

Just sign up to our Newsletter and you will receive each week's FREE PDF PATTERN!!

You can share your progress with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #sistersandstitchesSAL2021 and tagging us in your posts @sisters_and_stitches_1.

And don’t forget to share our SAL stamp to let everyone know that you're part of this sew along fun!

Love, Sisters

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